Language Learning

Nowadays it is no longer enough to only speak a single language in order to communicate. Languages such as Chinese, Spanish, English and Portuguese are extensively spoken worldwide.

Once we decide to study another language, the best way to learn the language is to move to the country of origin and completely immerse oneself in the daily life of its native speakers. Friendly Host Family facilitates contact between countries through three options that suit current demands for the learning of languages :

- Host-Sharing

- Erasmus

- Au-Pairs

Any of these options, offer much more benefits than learning a language through traditional methods.

  • From the moment you register on our website, you begin to practise the language through contact with other registered users.
  • The economic costs are reduced
  • The practise of the language in any category, allows for direct contact with people of different languages thus ensuring maximum use of our time abroad.
  • Sharing experiences with local people every day, our vocabulary expands and enriches and allows for rapid learning of the other languages.
  • Through our website you can select in advance the environment that best suits your needs and preferences, thus enabling you to better adapt to the changes that will inevitably occur when one is established in a country different from our own.
  • Finally, Friendly Host Family may be the answer to creating a lasting multilingual international family unit

  Manual of good manners from Friendly Host Family community

Friendly Host Family is not responsible for the outcome of the relationships between registered users or with third parties, whether verbal or written. Friendly Host Family only serves as a platform for communication and contact between registered users. However, we believe it is necessary to recommend a set of civic and social behavioural rules to improve our website coexistence and users’ relationships in any of the categories: Host-Sharing, Erasmus or Au-Pairs.

Our mission is to create a lasting multilingual international family unit and as such there are basic rules that everyone should follow:

1.- Coexistence: Education, empathy and respect.

  • Respect the house rules of our hosts.
  • Show courtesy and respect for different customs.
  • Democratically set out basic rules to ensure friendly living conditions within the family unit.
  • Maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene.
  • Maintain order in the home.
  • Assist and be accountable to the people you live with.

2.- Being a good citizen: Show respect for the environment in which we are living and towards their laws and safety standards.

3.- Solidarity: Understand and support the learning skills of the people with whom we are living.