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The following sections attempt to answer frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer, please contact us at

  What is an Au-Pair?

An Au-Pair is normally someone young, usually between 18 and 30, who is temporarily taken in by a host family in exchange for childcare services.

  Who can be an Au-Pair?

Someone young (male or female) aged between 18 and 30 years. However, in some countries those limits may differ. (See Information & Rules for AU-PAIR VISAS)

  How to register as Au-Pair?

Registration is easy. Click here

  How to find an Au-Pair?

If you are looking for an Au-Pair, you will find a listing here

  Do I need to contact an Au-Pair agency?

No. The only exception is the USA. (See Information & Rules for AU-PAIR VISAS).

  What is the length of the stay as Au-Pairs?

The duration depends on the agreement reached by both parties, and the specific regulations by country. (See Information & Rules for AU-PAIR VISAS).

  What is the cost to become an Au-Pair?

The cost of joining the Friendly Host Family community requires a biannual registration fee. Once registered, you can access the contact information of our families.

The pocket money that an Au-Pair receives will differ by country, and also depends on the agreement between both parties. (See Information & Rules for AU-PAIR VISAS).

  How I can ensure compliance with the Au-Pair agreement?

Friendly Host Family is not responsible for the outcome of the relationships between registered users or with third parties, whether verbal or written. Friendly Host Family only serves as a platform for communication and contact between registered users.

In most countries a contract signed is required. In any case, Friendly Host Family recommend you do so. (See Information & Rules for AU-PAIR VISAS)