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"When our first daughter was born, my wife and I decided that she should learn several languages. Scientific studies show that language learning is more effective if you start from an early age. Because of the FriendlyHostFamily initiative which will facilitate contact with Au-Pairs from other countries to care for and teach our two daughters, this can be achieved. The origins of Friendly Host Family arise so."

Alfredo Repáraz Andrade
Co-founder FriendlyHostFamily. Vigo, Spain.

What is this?

Concept: A Contract by which an Au-Pair is temporarily taken in by a host family in exchange for childcare services.

Anyone interested in providing this service, must register as AU-PAIR.

Friendly Host Family suggests contacting Au-Pairs from different nationalities in order to maximize language learning for children.

Friendly Host Family is not responsible for the outcome of the relationships between registered users or with third parties, whether verbal or written. Friendly Host Family only serves as a platform for communication and contact between registered users.

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Anyone wishing to contact families to provide the Au-Pair services, must registered as AU-PAIR.

An Au-Pair is normally someone young, usually between 18 and 30, who is temporarily taken in by a host family in exchange for childcare services.

AU-PAIR registration allows contact with host-families and other Au-Pairs.

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